Model S: 20 inch Height Toilet Bowl. High Rise 21

Model S: 20 inch Height Toilet Bowl. High Rise 21" Extra Tall Seat

Convenient Height

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Product description

  • Toilet bowl height: 20 inches
  • Bowl height with toilet seat: 21 inches
  • Color: pearl white
  • Rough-in: 12" standard. Fits 11-1/4" and up
  • Slow-close lightweight toilet seat included
  • Board of Registration of Plumbers and Gas Fitters certified
  • Elongated bowl shape. Two-piece toilet
  • Compact size tank delivers a powerful flush
  • Tank lid features Convenient Height trademark
  • Dual flush: lever up light flush, down full flush
  • Water economy: 1.28 gal/full flush, 0.9 gal/light flush
  • Compatible with elongated bidet cleansing seats
  • Fully glazed 2 inch trap-way/passageway
  • Standard installation. Install time: 45 minutes
  • Light design toilet seat maximizes the slow close function. Heavier duty seat recommended for commercial and heavy use residential applications.

Included parts

  • Slow-close lightweight toilet seat. White.
  • Dual flush complete system with flush valve and fill valve
  • Tank-to-bowl connectors
  • Floor mounting bolts


Warranty: Our high quality products are guaranteed against defects in chinaware material and workmanship for a period of 3 years.

Shipping: UPS Ground. To maximize safety in transit each toilet ships in 2 boxes: one box for tank, one box for bowl. Buyer receives two UPS tracking numbers for each toilet with daily progress updates. Total parcel weight 120 lbs.

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More information
  • This 20-inch tall toilet is designed out of need to alleviate inconvenience experienced by elderly and individuals with health condition that affects mobility.
  • The tall and healthy will also find this high toilet easy to access compared to regular height and the comfort height toilets.
  • Besides the 20-inch bowl height, it is built for easy installation and direct replacement of all toilets with a 12-inch rough-in.
  • The overall size is 27" (Length) x 14-3/4" (Wide) x 36" (Tall), suitable for small spaces and easily meets local building code for minimum space requirement.
  • The dual flushing mechanism is flapperless for ease of actuation and durability.
  • Tower or canister flush valve ensures high water velocity for powerful flush. High elevation of trapway, the siphon force is phenomenal in removing solid waste with least resistance.
  • This water saving high performance toilet only uses 1.28 GPF of water for clearing solid waste and 0.9 GPF for liquid waste.
  • High-quality slow-closing seat is provided with our tall toilet.
  • Toilet comes with 3- year warranty against defects in chinaware material and workmanship.
  • We also take great care in packing and shipping to ensure you receive the toilet in its perfect factory-build condition.

Does this tallest toilet in the U.S. flush well? 
    Yes. Actually, it flushes a lot better than most siphonic toilets. Here's why. Our super tall bowl elevation adds more power to siphonic flush. Based on bowl height and gravity physics all contents rush downward drain moving incoming water at naturally increasing flow speed. This tall toilet has advantage of added steeper elevation which is naturally good for flush power. Flush tested with multiple ping pong tennis balls and additional hard items in the bowl at the same time and it flushed extremely well.